Pam Anderson's Playboy Donation Slammed by Muslim Group As 'Immoral'

Pamela Anderson's plans to donate the earnings from her Playboy cover shoot to an Indonesian disaster relief fund have been slammed by a hardline Islamic group.

Anderson announced the plans on her own website, saying “I’ve just shot another Playboy cover that will debut in January for Hugh Hefner, at his request -- I adore him. Playboy and I decided to do this, so I could donate earnings from the shoot to Waves for Water.”

But the Islamic Defenders Front on Monday told Indonesia's Metro TV that the donation to the charity -- which works to bring clean drinking water to disaster hit zones -- would be "against the law of God" because it was obtained through "immoral acts."

“If she wants to be photographed naked, then she is challenging a bigger disaster to happen in Indonesia. It's haram [forbidden],” Habib Umar Salim, the head of FPI's advisory council said.

Anderson's agent was not available for comment.

NewsCore contributed to this report.