Olivia Newton-John's daughter defends her new look

Chloe Lattanzi doesn’t care what people think of her new look.

On Monday, images of Lattanzi, 29, from over the weekend hit the Internet. The budding pop star, and daughter of Olivia Newton-John, looked unrecognizable when she attended a Las Vegas event wearing a revealing top and miniskirt.

Taking to Instagram later that day to respond to critics, Lattanzi wrote, “I wanted to say thank you to everyone who shows me love and kindness … Got my first negative comment calling me a trashy no talent slut. And I almost forgot that there are really weird hateful people out there!”

She continued, “So girls with big boobs big lips and short skirts [you’re a] sexy bombshell!!! Not a slut! And dey all just jealous.”

Perhaps speaking for all women targeted by Internet trolls, Lattanzi added, “We 2 busy making moves to hate! Weirdos got to much free time! I love and support you all! And value your talents beauty and dreams!”

Many of the comments on the positive post echoed her sentiments.

“You’re beautiful. Nothing to hate here,” read one supportive comment.

“Hold it… if you aren’t a fan, find someone you DO appreciate and quit hurting people’s feelings. Duh! It’s very annoying to those of us who adore Chloe,” said another.

This article originally appeared in the New York Post.