Juliette finally tells Avery about her pregnancy and it's a bit of a letdown. After weeks of close calls, big fights, theatrics and tears, she breaks the news in a two-line text message. It's a message he can’t even answer, as he’s fulfilling his community service requirements after last week's arrest. When he finally does track her down on her movie set, she refuses to see him and Glen escorts him away.

Avery’s outburst makes it tough for Juliette to keep her bun in the oven under wraps. A nosey Zoey spots her baby bump on tour and her co-star, Noah West, happens to overhear Avery and Glen’s confrontation. He promises to keep Juliette's secret, carefully covering her up as they film a love scene. She seems happy to see him when he unexpectedly arrives at her show and there are plenty of sparks between the two, pregnancy be damned. Troubles arise when Juliette is performing and starts to look a little faint. She makes it offstage, which backup singer Zoey uses as her moment to shine. She begins to perform Juliette’s song, dancing around the stage, soaking up the spotlight. You can almost see Juliette beginning to seethe at Zoey's act, just before she collapses into Noah’s arms.

Avery’s not the only guy in Nashville with some baby mama drama. Gunnar goes to see ex-girlfriend Kylie before she heads out of town and meets Micah, a nine year old who calls Kylie 'mom'. He and Micah both like french fries, have curly hair and what do you know? He and Kylie haven’t seen each other in just over nine years! She denies that Micah is Gunnar's son at first, but eventually relents when he confronts her.

If these guys think they have it hard now, just wait until their kids are teenagers. In an attempt to appease Maddie and Daphne, who have begun to miss her, Rayna invites the girls to watch her film a commercial. Even Daphne isn’t impressed, sulking and storming off in ways that Maddie has now perfected. Not even galactic bowling can save the day as paparazzi and fans follow the family everywhere they go.

Back at home, Jeff Fordham is trying to convince Teddy that he doesn’t need a private jet to be a cool dad. Applying the kind of over-the-top peer pressure that even the most self-conscious teens would be skeptical about, Jeff takes Teddy out on the town. He’s meeting women, wearing cooler clothes and taking his daughters on spa days so they can pierce their ears and dye their hair. It’s only a matter of time before Jeff convinces him the best way to get closer to his kids is getting them a record deal at Edge Hill.

Teddy isn’t the only one Jeff is manipulating. Once he realizes that Will’s trainer is working more than just his muscles, he forces Will to have him sign a nondisclosure agreement. This doesn’t go over well and Will’s new beau leaves him in a huff. Lonely and defeated, Will goes to a park and meets whom he thinks is a like-minded man. Unfortunately, Will was just bait for a gay bashing. Two men beat him viciously before taking off with his wallet.

Deacon sees a bruised and bloodied Will struggling to get back to his hotel and puts it all together. Will swears it was a bar fight over a girl, but its clear Deacon isn’t buying it. Luke Wheeler flips when he sees his opening acts messed up face, but Deacon comes to his defense, assuring him it can all be covered with make up. Deacon tells Will he’s around if he needs to talk and while even Will admits its unlikely, it sure would be nice to see him talk out his feelings with someone older and wiser.