Mum's The Word: Film Director Guillermo Del Toro Co-Designing New 'Silent Hill' Video Game

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Guillermo del Toro isn't only doing movies now.

The Mexican director has teamed up with video game creator Hideo Kojima to make a new “Silent Hill” video game, according to multiple reports.

Sony recently gave a taste of what's to come by way of a PlayStation 4 interactive teaser called “P.T.” (No clue given about the meaning of the title. "PlayStation Teaser," maybe?)

According to The Verge, the teaser asked players to navigate a dark building while deciphering spooky radio transmissions and encountering a weird creature resembling a sentient kidney.

Toward the end of the teaser, the scene cuts to a mysterious town. The camera pans to show the names of Kojima and del Toro.

This game will be the tenth in the long-running horror video game franchise. It will be called “Silent Hills” – with a subtle plural to distinguish it – and will feature “Walking Dead” star Norman Reedus in the main role.

This is del Toro’s first foray into the gaming world.

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