Miranda Kerr's Topless Snapshot, Jennifer Aniston's New Airline Gig, and Much, Much More

Here's what's happening out there:

• This past Monday on Instagram, Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr shared a revealing snapshot from a photoshoot with Greg Kadel (above). But in the interest of full disclosure, we honestly can't tell if this is an old or new pic, mostly because Kerr always looks ageless, but also because she's been posing for the same topless beachy photos for a decade.

• Seeing as it's National Seafood Month (for real), we figured we'd take this opportunity to share one of our favorite seafood recipes from one of our favorite restaurants: the lobster mac and cheese at Cooklyn in Brooklyn. Watch the video below (or check out ) to see how it's made, because we expect that you eat it exclusively for the entirety of October:

• Emirates Airlines has debuted a silly new commercial starring Jennifer Aniston (below) in which she has a nightmare about being on a flight that doesn't feature on-board bars or showers. It's actually quite amusing too, at least until you realize that Aniston's idea of a nightmare is to experience airline travel like the rest of us.

• CBS is developing a new series based on celebrated teenage sleuth Nancy Drew, except they say it's more of "a contemporary take" wherein Nancy is in her 30s and working for the NYPD. So, in other words, CBS took the only things about the Nancy Drew series that made it different from "CSI:NY" and modeled it to be more like "CSI:NY."

• Julien's Auctions announced on Monday that they're planning to auction off a gold-covered grand piano once owned by Elvis (below). And although Julien's didn't note this in any press materials, we're guessing this piano was Presley's favorite, unless it later comes to light that he also owned one covered in peanut butter and bacon.

• Isabella Cruise, the daughter of actors Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, reportedly got married in London last month and didn't invite either of her parents. And according to reports, Tom and Nicole weren't even mad about it, and Tom actually paid for the ceremony. However, he'll be damned if he's going to buy her that silver serving tray from her Pottery Barn registry!

• In addition to her equally expensive Ferrari, 18-year-old reality star Kylie Jenner reportedly bought herself a Rolls Royce Ghost valued at around $320,000 (below). In depressing related news, you've been working for much longer and perhaps much harder than Kylie ever will, and you'll never own a car half this nice:

• According to her social media accounts, Canadian musician Avril Lavigne is recording new music with estranged husband Chad Kroeger of the Canadian rock group Nickelback. We here at FNM don't like to propagate stereotypes, but man those Canadians are a nice people!

• And finally, in honor of "Back to the Future" Day on October 21, Pepsi is releasing a limited-edition bottle modeled after the fictitious Pepsi Perfect product seen in "Back to the Future: Part II" (below). However, at the price of $20.15 per bottle, Pepsi Perfect will be only slightly more affordable than building an actual, functional time-machine out of a used DeLorean.