Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are fueling rumors of a reconciliation after they were spotted "cuddling and kissing" at the Falls Music Festival in Australia on Sunday.

E! News reports the pair attended the music festival with Hemsworth's family, including his brothers Chris and Luke and their wives. "Liam was seen rubbing Miley's back at one point," a source says. The Australian Telegraph says they spent half an hour in the festival's VIP area before going to watch the festival. They were surrounded by security to stop people from taking pictures of their "affectionate" behavior.

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Cyrus and Hemsworth were together for five years. They got engaged in 2012 before breaking up a year later. They also teamed up in November for a pet adoption event in Los Angeles and have both said they've remained close friends since ending their romantic relationship.

"Me and Liam are still so close and we love each other," Cyrus told Elle U.K in September while Liam told Men's Fitness a month later their relationship "wasn't just a fling."