After his dramatic departure from “Live With Kelly and Michael,” sources told the New York Post that Michael Strahan and Kelly Ripa had a private meeting to say farewell and left on a high note.

But despite the détente between the hosts, multiple sources said that come Monday — when the program will officially become just “Live With Kelly” — Strahan’s memory will be exorcised from the ABC show’s studio as he moves to “Good Morning America.

Strahan wrapped his final show with co-host Ripa on Friday.

The duo entered to Pink’s “Raise Your Glass,” and Ripa exclaimed, “We did it! We made it out here!” She added, “Guys, don’t take this as a bad sign. It’s Friday the 13th.”

But after the cameras were off, the Post heard that Strahan and Ripa had a private reconciliation.

A source said that Strahan was seen after the telecast stopping by Ripa’s dressing room for a ­final farewell.

“They had a really nice talk,” said a source. “It was all very positive.”

Ripa, along with the show’s executive producer Michael Gelman and other staffers, were kept in the dark last month by ABC brass until the last minute over Strahan’s departure, resulting in bitter behind-the-scenes drama.

And sources told us that any traces of Strahan will be gone when “Live” resumes Monday.

“There are pictures of [Michael and Kelly] in the hallway that greet all the guests,” said an ­insider. “And there are pictures of them in the green room. That will all be cleared out and removed. I wouldn’t call it redecorating, but it will be ‘refreshed.’ All that stuff will be boxed up.”

?Another source added, “That’s consistent with what ABC has done in the past — it’s in line with how they have made other changes.”

But a rep for the show said of the Strahan image exorcism, “That is not true.” The rep declined to comment Michael’s meeting with Ripa.

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