Legendary Mexican singer Vicente Fernandez has emerged from retirement to drum up support for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

In a video released Wednesday and paid for by the Washington-based Latino Victory Project, the man known as the "King of Ranchera" music sings about working "hand-in-hand" for a Clinton victory.

The group said Fernandez volunteered to appear in the video, which was posted on YouTube and on the singer's Facebook page.

Fernandez croons that under a Clinton presidency "we will always have a bridge." He is shown leaning on a ranch fence amid clips of galloping horses, smiling children and a campaigning Clinton.

Fernandez also sings that "my people were hurt that someone would offend us." It's an apparent reference to Republican candidate Donald Trump, whose disparaging comments about migrants have angered many Mexicans.

Fernandez announced his retirement from the entertainment world in 2012 but because of health reasons had his farewell concert four years later, in April of this year.

During that concert, the crooner said he would "spit” on Trump’s face if they ever met.

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