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Anything good coming up for Lexie on Grey's Anatomy? — Kelly
ADAM: Well, how "good" you find this scoop may depend on whether you prefer Lexie with Alex — her on-call roommate — or Mark, who's lately been giving his attention to Teddy. "There is a very surprising, very lovely moment coming where Mark takes a stand and makes a play for Lexie," creator and executive producer Shonda Rhimes tells us. "I think it's very beautiful and it's going to be interesting to see."

What can you tell me about House and Cuddy in the House finale? — Mark and Joan
It's never a good thing when someone tells you that you should move on with your life, right? Over the course of the tragic hour, three main characters will make life-changing choices. They won't be good choices, but one of them will make some in the audience cheer.

How many of the CSIs will be in danger in the CSI season finale? — Caleb
ADAM: At least two, and one of them will be gunned down by Dr. Jekyll about midway through the finale. The other is part of a super-secret twist that executive producer Carol Mendelsohn is very excited about. Pressed for details, she would only hint that Jekyll isn't the only person to keep an eye on. "One or more of our CSIs will fall victim to one or more of our serial killers," she says.

Will President Taylor come to her senses soon on 24? — Avery
Executive producer Howard Gordon tells us he took a souvenir from the set when the series wrapped: a pen used to sign President Taylor's peace plan. Of course, he didn't say Taylor would be the one doing the signing.

Give us a hint about who dies on Private Practice. Fernando
ADAM: Why ruin all the fun? At least before you check back at TVGuide.com Friday morning for an exclusive interview with the departing star. In the meantime, ponder what Amy Brenneman told us: "Naomi will irrationally feel that she had a hand in it. There's going to be a hole in everyone's hearts after this."

What is Rob Lowe doing on Parks and Recreation? Is he funny? — Peter
MICKEY: Thursday's episode introduces Lowe as Chris, a government belt-tightener who's in town to make reductions to Pawnee's bottom line. If you ever giggled at the hilariously high-functioning Sam Seaborn on The West Wing, you'll love Chris, who has never met a vitamin supplement he couldn't swallow. Plus: the return of drunk Leslie!

Can you give us a little more to go on for the Bones season finale?Meg
ADAM: Executive producer Hart Hanson says the finale is the next big step in the evolution of Booth and Bones' relationship — and that it will be as impactful as this season's hotly debated 100th episode. Sounds to us like the times are a-changin'. "The season finale is a good place and a natural place to change the direction of a series, and [in the] fifth season, you've got to do that," Hanson says. Adds Emily Deschanel, who suggests the finale doesn't offer much closure: "Huge things happen in the episode, and that does change the course of everyone," she says. "But it's funny how subtle things can change people."

I can't wait for the Joss Whedon episode of Glee. What do you know? — Anne
MICKEY: I'm hearing that Whedon has an Artie-and-Tina story planned. "[They] go through some trials and tribulations, but they're here to stay for a little while," Jenna Ushkowitz tells us. "Artie just got his first kiss, so we're taking it slow." We like when Artie plays it slow. (See: "Dancing with Myself.")

Do you have any scoop on the betrayal on CSI: Miami? Do you know if anyone is leaving? — Jaison
ADAM: Considering that Delko is now investigating a murder instead of just theft, it's a good bet that there will be serious consequences. "[The explosion] kicks Delko's investigation into overdrive," producer Krystal Houghton tells us. "Somebody involved in the theft dies, and somebody else's career is ruined."

The Modern Family finale sounds hilarious. But no Cam and Mitch? — Russell
MICKEY: While Claire is planning that family photo, we'll learn that Mitchell hates small talk with strangers... and hates birds. When those two peeves converge, Jesse Tyler Ferguson has some very physically demanding comedy on his hands.

Criminal Minds finale scoop, please! I love Tim Curry. What role will he be playing? Good or bad? — JC
ADAM: Oh, he's definitely bad. Curry plays serial killer Billy Flynn, who preys on his victims in the dark. The team catches up to him in Los Angeles when a series of rolling blackouts nudge him back into action. Co-executive producer Erica Messer says the finale is "the scariest one we've ever done," thanks in no small part to Curry's creeptastic performance. Bonus: Thanks to a cliff-hanger, Curry will be back in the Season 6 premiere.

Josh is a goner on V, isn't he? — Paula
MICKEY: Not so fast, Grim Reaper. While there will be many casualties before the end of the season, Josh is safe. "I have an interesting thing that's going to happen to Joshua," executive producer Scott Rosenbaum tell us. "He's definitely part of the future of the show. That interesting relationship he has with Lisa, in trying to turn her, works well for us, so we're going to keep doing it."

Mickey's Mega Rave: Cougar Town read my mind this week when they staged a boys-against-girls battle royale to decide once and for all whether "that's what she said" jokes are funny. (Answer: Of course they are!) It was tight, but in the end, the gentlemen came out ahead.

Adam's Mini Rant: Hey, Nicole Scherzinger: You're going to win Dancing with the Stars. So stop cyring all the time.

Reader Quote of the Week: "I hear for November sweeps they are going to try and find Elisabeth's heart." — pokerface73, on Barbara Walters' planned heart surgery

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