Matthew McConaughey spent his 48th birthday working.

The Oscar-winning actor, who is a spokesman for Wild Turkey Bourbon, participated in the company’s early Thanksgiving initiative and drove around surprising Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, residents with frozen Butterball birds.

McConaughey surprised a group of women who referred to themselves as “Hot Mamas” and documented the whole experience in a Facebook Live video shared on his page.

“It’s a sexy man carrying a turkey!” one woman said.

Many fans praised the actor for spending his birthday in such a generous way, writing, “See this is why I love you Matthew. You are such a humble soul. Thank you for what you are doing. 4500 Turkeys. All the best to your family. ”

Others, however, called him out for giving turkeys to families who didn’t appear to “need” them.

“They don’t look like they NEED a turkey or anything from the looks of it!! I thought he was going to REAL FAMILIES IN NEED,” wrote one viewer.

“Yes, it’s great, he’s giving, however, by the look of those houses, I’m sure there are others in much more need of food. JS!!” noted another.

Cheryl Taylor, the Environmental Health and Safety Manager at Wild Turkey Distillery, caught wind of the negative comments and responded defending the brand’s initiative.

“We gave a turkey to every single resident of Lawrenceburg. No shaming anyone,” she wrote. “People need to be less judgmental please.”

This article originally appeared on Page Six.