Mark Wahlberg made big bucks for his movies this year, but Forbes thinks he wasn’t worth the padded paychecks.

Forbes announced on Wednesday Wahlberg was 2017’s most overpaid actor after a string of box office flops. Wahlberg earned $68 million pretax this year. The ranking was based on the movies he made before June 2017, which didn’t include the 46-year-old actor’s recent releases such as “Transformers: The Last Knight” and “Daddy’s Home 2.”

For every $1 he was paid for his three major movies, the flicks earned back $4.40.

Christian Bale was named second most overpaid actor this year because of the poor performance by “The Promise.” His movies earned $6.70 per dollar he was paid.


Christian Bale was named the second most overpaid actor of 2017. (Reuters)

Channing Tatum came in third, followed by Denzel Washington and Brad Pitt.