Mariah Carey is protecting two of the things that bring in the cash: her voice and her legs.

According to TMZ, the grand diva of Las Vegas has insured her two biggest assets for nearly $70 million.

Carey, 46, is currently on tour in Europe – which she just extended to South America – so to guard the millions of dollars on the line, she took precautions.

Sources told the website that she took out an insurance policy for her voice and another of the same amount for her legs. The monthly premium isn’t cheap either – it's in the ballpark of thousands of dollars, the sources added.

Carey has not commented on the report.

The “Infinity” singer is not the only star who has reportedly insured a part of her body. It has long been rumored that Jennifer Lopez insured her butt; however she shut them down during a recent appearance on James Corden’s “Carpool Karaoke.”

“There is no such thing as [insuring your butt],” Lopez exclaimed, before saying that she has heard that there are companies in the United Kingdom that do that sort of thing. But, she added, “What would you insure it for?”

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