Maddie & Tae follow up their controversial tune with debut album 'Start Here'

Madison "Maddie" Marlow and Taylor "Tae" Dye just released their debut album "Start Here." The young duo have already achieved great success as country music singers and songwriters thanks to the bold messages they shared in their now-platinum single "Girl in a Country Song."

The country duo was stunned by the fan’s response to their confrontational hit, released in July 2014. The single was their answer to the way that male country stars portray women in their songs.

"We had no idea that it was going to resonate the way that it did because we thought we were the only ones that felt that way," Marlow told FOX411 Country. "You know, we were going into writing sessions every single day for about 3 months, and we listened to country radio—we’re country fans, always have been and we would say like, this song is so degrading and this guy is telling this girl to slide on over, fine butt over here, and I’m like, excuse me if some guy talked to me like that, I’d smack him across the face."

After releasing the gutsy song, Marlow and Dye looked forward to showcasing their more vulnerable side on their debut album. The second single off the album, "Fly," was written by the pair and is about self doubt and their dream to be singers.

"I think since we are so vulnerable with our music and we literally pour our hearts out into our music and on stage, [our fans] feel comfortable enough to do the same with us," Dye shared. "And so they’ll come into meet and greets and say, 'Oh your song 'Fly' really helped me when I was going to college.' Or we've even has women say that they just went through a divorce and that helped them. So it’s really cool how we wrote 'Fly' [at] such a specific time that we were going through, but yet people are relating it to every instance of their life."

When it comes to where they stand in the country music genre, Marlow and Dye like to keep things traditional and said they look forward to sharing that sound fiddle and steel guitar included through their new album “Start Here” and on their headlining tour starting in New York City on Oct. 7.

For more of FOX411 Country's interview with Maddie & Tae, watch the video above.