Luis Miguel "Groomed and Waxed," Claims Argentine Model

Luis Miguel's secrets behind closed doors have rarely seen the light of day.

Until now, that is.

The silence was broken by his new friend, Argentine model Estefanía Colombo, who on live television declared some of Luismi’s most intimate details: such as his kissing techniques, his love making preferences and how he looks in his birthday suit.

“He is a great kisser, very passionate,” said Colombo in one of the most important programs in Argentina ‘AM, antes del mediodía'. “We opened the door to the hotel room and what needed to happen, happened.”

Colombo, who has modeled for Playboy and appears in this month’s issue of  “Hombre” magazine, said Luismi was a complete gentelman.

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“He was very loving, holding me the entire night,” Colombo said in the interview. “He smells great, has skin like a baby, and he is groomed and waxed.”

From the sound of this, seems like Luismi did not disappoint.

“I was a bit nervous but we had a great time,” said a smiling Colombo.

Check out the interview in Spanish here.

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