For months now, all we seem to have been hearing is that Lindsay Lohan is in denial that she has any type of alcohol or other drug-related problem.

But judging by her pre-taped skit during the MTV VMA Awards on Sunday night, is it possible that the troubled actress is finally starting to see that maybe – just maybe – it wasn’t so ludicrous that she was sentenced to a stint in jail and rehab for violating the terms of her 2007 DUI probation?

Dressed oh-so-innocently in pink, Lohan asked host Chelsea Handler why her SCRAM device was going off, to which Handler gave the weak response “That just means my table’s ready at the Cheesecake Factory.”

(Hmmm… do the funny excuses sound familiar?)

Lohan was able to metaphorically give herself a bit of a beating by slapping Handler around and screaming, “Do you think anyone wants to work with a drunk? Take it from me, they don’t… Wake up Handler! Pull it together!  You're late! [for the show]."

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Who knows, perhaps Lohan will actually apply some of her own words of wisdom.

Kind of coincidentally, it was the MTV Movie Awards in June where Lindsay set off her own ankle bracelet.

She said someone at a party spilled a drink on it.