Lauren Hutton may be a celebrated supermodel and actress who seduced Richard Gere in 1980’s “American Gigolo,” but life wasn’t always so glamorous for the star.

The 73-year-old told Stylist she had to design her own clothes at a young age because of her impoverish South Carolina upbringing.


“I started making my own clothes around 13 because we were challenged financially,” she explained. “Curves were big in the fifties. Tall, skinny girls were not in vogue.”

Rather than splurging on new clothes, Hutton was inspired to alter her dresses and skirts to better suit her statuesque frame.

“And I looked very carefully in the mirror and my curves were my knees and my elbows,” she said. “So I raised my blue velvet dress so it came above my knees. Miniskirts weren’t to come for about 20 years, so it was a scandal.”

However, Hutton was sent home from school because her creations proved to be too scandalous.

“I was expelled for the day,” she admitted. “I sat down and this thing [intricate skirt made of chicken wire] flew over my head. I guess my panties showed, I don’t know because I couldn’t see anything. Anyway, they sent me home, another scandal. I was involved in a lot of clothing scandals. I probably would have made a good designer.”

Hutton soon found fame in the 1970s as a model. By the ‘80s, Hutton appeared in numerous films and TV shows.

And these days, the cover girl hasn’t slowed down. In 2016, she walked the runway during Milan Fashion Week alongside fellow model Gigi Hadid.