There’s nothing like a feel-good all-American story featuring a farmer, football and fighting for your dreams.

In theaters April 13, Anchor Bay’s inspiring sports drama “Touchback” tells the tale of a former high school football star, Scott Murphy (Brian Presley) who turns his back on the ball life to be a farmer and family man.

But amid economic hardships, Murphy is offered a chance to revisit his heyday during the Ohio State championship game where he permanently injured his knee during a crucial game-winning play.

Murphy turns to his longtime mentor both on and off the field, Coach Hand (Kurt Russell) to help him realize where his true destiny lies – and even veteran actor Russell was moved by the tale.

“I thought it was a sweet story and I thought it had an opportunity to tell a little bit of a tale that the audience could enjoy,” Russell told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column.

Russell is no stranger to playing a coach either. In 2004, he brought real-life hockey coach Herb Brooks to the screen in “Miracle,” a biographical sports film about the U.S. men’s hockey team and their quest for gold in the 1980 Winter Olympics.

Check out Russell's inspiring speech to the team in the exclusive video clip above.