Kim Kardashian's sex tape conundrum: Is she allowed to get upset with Kanye West?

Kanye West rapped about his girlfriend Kim Kardashian’s sex tape, but did he ever think his own alleged sexual escapades would leak for the entire world to see?

According to multiple reports, Kanye is in not one but two sex tapes being shopped around.  If anyone else’s famous boyfriend was caught with a sex tape, there would likely be hell to pay from his famous girlfriend, and her fan base, but if you are Kim Kardashian, made famous by a sex tape yourself, can you even get mad at all?

FOX411 spoke with celebrity publicists and relationship experts to weigh in on the fate of Kimye.

Relationship expert Dr. Seth Meyers said Kardashian getting upset about a Kanye sex tape would be “a flagrant double standard. Kim often appears immune to the public’s negative opinion about her and her man, so this likely will not faze her.”

Meyers said he didn’t imagine that the sex tape would damage their relationship; instead he found it par for the course in her highly erratic romantic life. (Remember that 72-day marriage?)

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But what about the the bad publicity such tapes might engender for West? Daniel Keeney of DPK Public Relations told us that while for the future Queen of England, blurry topless photos taken from a mile away can suggest a lack of decorum and good judgment, for an attention-seeking rap star, the bar separating what’s acceptable behavior and what is not is set considerably lower.

But Keeney said bad publicity is still possible, even for West. He pointed out that West paid dearly when he grabbed the microphone from Taylor Swift at the Grammys a couple years back, which cemented his reputation as an egotistical bully. That was bad publicity from which Keeney said Kanye has yet to completely recover.

Only time will tell if Kimye will outlast their sex tape drama, but at least they have already made it past 72 days!