Kim Kardashian just keeps coming back for more... as far as weird beauty regimens are concerned, anyway. First, the pregnant reality star got a vampire blood facial, now she's doing something pretty fishy with her feet.

SODAHEAD SLIDESHOW: See the weirdest celeb beauty secrets

On a recent family trip to Greece, Kim and older sister Kourtney got a live fish pedicure. That doesn't sound so bad, right? Getting your feet cleaned with fish daintily swimming around you in a tub of warm water? Wrong. The beauty treatment, which is actually very popular, revolves around toothless carp nibbling off the dead skin on your feet. Yikes.

But Kim isn't the only star opting for strange cosmetic practices. There are other regimens that have tickled celebrities' fancy as well. Victoria Beckham is a fan of the infamous bird poop facial, Demi Moore detoxifies with blood-sucking leeches and the Victoria's Secret supermodels clean out their mouths with vodka instead of mouthwash.

Plus, you can bet there's even more strange celeb beauty methods where those came from. You may even want to try a few. From dead-skin-eating fish pedicures to bird poop facials, click through our slideshow for the weirdest beauty regimens celebrities love.

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