Kim Kardashian defended her 4-year-old daughter North's corset-like dress on Twitter Wednesday after the outfit caused an uproar on social media.

“I would never put my daughter in a corset! It’s a dress I bought that is a cotton fabric that laces up & looks like a corset! Just decoration,” Kardashian West tweeted on Wednesday.

“This dress that I did not design, I actually bought, is not a corset it’s just fabric on the front. So, I think it’s really cute, I bought it from a designer and it’s just fabric people, it’s not a real corset,” she said in a video posted on Twitter.

A photo that began circulating on Tuesday showed North in an orange slip dress, Yeezy sneakers and what appeared to be a laced-up corset. Some criticized the youngster’s mature attire.

On the Instagram fan site Nori West Source, commenters didn't hold back when the picture was shared of North's look.

One wrote, “No, beautiful baby. Just raise her. Corsette for kids, sad/body imaging.” Another chimed in, “this has taken their Katrashian obsession with waist corsets to dress a sweet, innocent 4yo in a sexually provocative way! I'd be horrified if my 4yo beauty wanted one cos Nori is a toddlers icon.”

Another fan fumed, “Obviously it's not a waist trainer as such, just looks like one. But it's still bloody ugly to dress a child like this no matter who the child is! WTF is wrong with these Kardashians???”

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Still, some Instagram users came to the child's defense. One commenter wrote, "She is so cute. [To be honest] she can pull any outfit just like her mom."