Two years after ambushing Kim Kardashian at Paris Fashion Week, Ukrainian prankster Vitalii Sediuk has struck again.

The serial pest was caught on camera slipping past the reality TV star’s entourage and trying to kiss her backside as she walked to a Balmain show in Paris.

The mother-of-two’s security guard leapt to her defense, crash-tackling Sediuk and pinning him to the ground.

Kim later thanked her bodyguard Pascal Duvier, tweeting: “My security @PascalDuvier is a G.”

The "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star is currently in France for Paris Fashion Week, turning heads in tiny (and see-through) ensembles.

This is the second time Kim came face-to-face with Sediuk. Two years ago, the famed red carpet crasher approached her as she arrived at the Spring 2015 Balmain show with Kanye West and Kris Jenner.

Security immediately stepped in to tackle the Ukrainian personality, ultimately saving the reality TV darling from being trampled by the monstrous crowd swarming the car.

Sediuk made headlines last week for grabbing and lifting model Gigi Hadid as she walked to her car in Milan. Hadid, 21, fought off her attacker, elbowing him in the face and chasing after him.

“Honestly, I felt I was in danger, and I had every right to react the way I did,” the supermodel recalled in Lena Dunham’s latest Lenny Letter.

“If anything, I want girls to see the video and know that they have the right to fight back, too, if put in a similar situation.”

This article originally appeared on News.com.au.