Actress Katee Sackhoff said she lost half of her Twitter followers when she tweeted a message urging people to practice gun safety.

After watching a television report about a four-year-old who accidentally shot and killed his father with a loaded gun that had been left unattended at a friend’s house, the “Battlestar Galactica” star tweeted Monday:

“Please practice gun safety. This is horrible!”

Soon after, Sackhoff’s Twitter feed blew up with followers advocating gun control instead of gun safety.

“Here's a radical idea folks. How about NO gun?” one wrote.

Sackhoff responded to her critics: “Never gonna happen in the US. Proper gun safety is a necessity though.”

That did not satisfy many, who continued to criticize her initial comment.

Sackhoff tried to elaborate on her position: “Just to be clear...I NEVER said automatic guns should be legal!“

But it was too late. While many came to her defense (“I don't understand why @kateesackhoff got so much flack for a gun safety tweet. She's right”), her initial comment apparently cost her about 100,000 Twitter followers.

Later on Monday, Sackhoff tweeted: “On a lighter note since I've lost half my followers due to talking about gun safety...the sun is shining & Happy Monday! Love your neighbor today!”