From music artists to models, there are many stars who have found fame by wandering down the mystical path of YouTube.

You might be surprised that these famous celebrities are living it up thanks to sharing their videos online:


The Biebs is probably the most iconic YouTube star to date.

JB started posting homemade videos of him singing online at the mere age of 12.

As the videos he shared began accumulating thousands of views it didn’t take long for Scooter Braun to stumble across the superstar.

Braun, who is still Bieber’s manager today, introduced him to Usher and the rest is history.


The Aussie band used YouTube to share its covers of popular songs and it didn’t take long for the fans to swoon.

With a solid fan base built from their own hard work online, their videos gained public approval of boy band One Direction.

1D’s Louis Tomlinson set their fame in stone when he tweeted one of 5SOS’ covers and said, “Been a fan of his band for a while, everyone get behind them.”

100,000 likes and 99,000 retweets later they ended up touring with One Direction, shooting them to international stardom.

The four band members, Luke Hemming, Michael Clifford, Calum Hood and Ashton Irwin, have since started their own label called Hi or Hey Records.


Believe it or not, playing the beloved Blaine on "Glee" was not Criss’ first break.

The star found fame while he was a student at the University of Michigan with friends after they created the YouTube hit, "A Very Potter Musical."

The musical adventures became an online sensation totaling millions of views on each video.

Criss wrote the music and lyrics to the parody, in which he played Harry Potter.

The production eventually led him to scoring a gig on "Glee" which he said, “really was the turning point.”


Who would have guessed the creator of the number one song on the Billboard Hot 100 started out on YouTube?

Soulja Boy created accounts on YouTube and MySpace to promote his hit "Crank That."

He was soon discovered by Mr. Collipark, a hip hop producer and later signed with Interscope Records.

In 2010 the artist raked in $8.7 million making him the highest grossing hip hop muso of the year. Not too shabby.


Abel Tesfaye, known as the Weeknd, began sharing his music on YouTube in 2010 under the same account he uses now called “xoxxxoooxo”.

Tesfaye’s R&B tracks mesmerized listeners with hits such as "Loft Music," accumulating almost 12 million views.

His fame was undoubtedly boosted after Drake found and shared some of the hit songs on his own blog after discovering him on YouTube.

The singer has since won two Grammy Awards, eight Billboard Music Awards, two American Music Awards, nine Juno Awards, and has been nominated for one Academy Award.


Kate Upton launched to fame after her friend posted a video of her on YouTube doing the “dougie” back in 2011.

The video went viral overnight, gaining her almost 200,000 Twitter followers and a whole lot of attention.

The YouTube sensation became one of the most sought after models in the world working with brands such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Victoria Secret and Sports Illustrated.

In 2014 she stared alongside Hollywood royalty in the comedy "The Other Woman" with Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.

This article originally appeared on news.com.au.