Yeezy season approaching -- from a whole other planet, apparently!

Kanye West called out the fashion world during an NSFW Q&A with W Magazine -- which the publication conducted in June but published on Thursday -- in an extra-terrestrial, and extra aggressive way.

"I refuse people who write me off as some rich kid taking a hobby, fashion as a f**king hobby or a fashion plate," the 39-year-old rapper exclaims. "I have a f**king Ph.D. in art, you know? And not that that would even make the difference, but me saying that makes the difference to the exact people I'm talking to it's, like, shut the f**k up. I will f**king laser you with alien f**king eyes and explode your f**king head."

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Tell 'em, Kanye!

Suddenly, West's Met Gala color contacts make a whole lot more sense!

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Additionally, in defending himself against his fashion foes, West compared himself to the "Wreck-It-Ralph" character Vanellope Von Schweets (an analogy he has interestingly enough made in the past).

"Okay, so you know when [Vanellope] puts together her car? And she's like, 'Made it myself,' and everybody that has professional cars, they say, 'Look at you with your little car and you're going to do this,' and then they break her car, right?" West explains. "That's basically the fashion world to me."

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But what keeps West going, despite his perceived roadblocks, is not monetary gain, the rapper insists.

"So many people look at success is just like having money," he says. "I build things that mean things to people."

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"I make the Christmas presents; number one requested Christmas present of 2015 Christmas, going into 2016, the f**king Yeezy," West says, referencing his popular Adidas shoe line partnership.

Despite his critics, West's fashion pursuits clearly mean a lot to him, which could be heard on the rapper's Saint Pablo Tour stop in Washington D.C. on Sept. 8, where he sentimentally addressed the problems that plagued his recent Yeezy Season 4 fashion show in New York.

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"Today, I needed to hear these songs," West admitted to his fans. "I'm talking about the fashion show yesterday."

"I'm feeling like the Cavs right now," the rapper explained. "When you the LeBron, if you don't bring home that ring, it's your fault."