Kanye West: 'Closet racism' to blame for Taylor Swift’s 2009 VMA win

It’s been almost seven years since Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift’s VMA speech in 2009 to declare that Beyonce, in fact, had the “best video of all time,” but the rapper can’t seem to let the topic go. In a new radio interview with Steve Harvey, Yeezy brought up Swift out of the blue, even after Harvey said he “really wasn’t” trying to talk about her.

“It’s not about Kanye West. It’s not about Taylor Swift,” West said. “There’s a lot of people in America that feel like they don’t have the platform to stand up and express their closet racism. Before they had that platform, one really easy way to express it was to say, ‘Eff Kanye West.’”

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West went on to blame Britney Spears’ 2007 meltdown, saying, “As soon as Britney shaved her head and they saw that money going down, they had already marked what that award was going to be that night,” indicating that the powers-that-be saw Swift as the next pop superstar.