JWoww: 'I am not perfect and neither is my body'

JWoww is not ashamed of her post-baby body — she’s proud to show it off.

The former “Jersey Shore” alumna, 29, posted four pictures from her trip to Mexico Tuesday and felt compelled to slam body shaming trolls.

“I want to sit here and say that I’m embarrassed by these pictures but honestly I’m not,” wrote the mom to 10-month-old Meilani.

While soaking up the sun, JWoww whose real name is Jennifer Farley, wore a cut-out one-piece bikini and oversized sunglasses.

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    “I’m a new mom that loves to work out but also loves food as well,” she continued. “I was at my girlfriend @joeidfox wedding at an all-inclusive resort and decided to indulge and have the best time of my life with my daughter at a pool.”

    In two of the photos, JWoww is seen toting little Meilani and in one candid snapshot, she’s seen awkwardly adjusting her swimsuit bottoms.

    “But at the end of the day I am not perfect and neither is my body,” she added. “And to make it worse someone decided to sell even more awkward photos of me on vacation with my family. So the tabloids can get a nice laugh and write mean things…”

    JWoww, who’s planning her wedding to Roger Mathews for later this year, says she tries to eat healthy and take nutritional supplements.

    “I will never try to follow the trend and of being stick thin, I follow the trend of what I love in life… And what I love is me.”

    Despite having to defend herself and her body, JWoww appeared to enjoy most of her beach vacation with her adorable “beach baby.”