'Jurassic Park' props for sale on Ebay

Attention “Jurassic Park” fans: You could own your very own dinosaur cage, complete with a full-size dino.

An Ebay seller listed the props from the 1993 movie, which were seen in the opening scene of the memorable film.

The seller makes it clear that the cage and the dinosaur props “do show significant signs of wear,” but the props would make a great restoration project, the ad boasts.

And “Jurassic” fans are taking notice.

As of now the Ebay auction is up to $99,900.10, but bidders can still submit prices for the props for another seven days, meaning the cost could soar even higher.

But whoever buys the extremely large props has to pick them up from the seller’s location, 45 minutes outside of Los Angeles.

Still, it’s a chance to own a piece of movie history, so bids are flowing in.

Click here to see more pictures of the props.