It is no secret that Jack Nicholson is quite the ladies man, but it turns out one woman who didn’t stimulate his flirt factor was “Dexter” hottie Julie Benz, and it gave her quite a complex.

“I worked with Jack Nicholson a long time ago on 'As Good as it Gets' and he didn't hit on me, and he's notorious for hitting on every woman in Hollywood, and he didn't hit on me,” Benz told Pop Tarts at TV Guide’s Hot List party in Los Angeles. “And I'm like, 'What's wrong with me!?' I was disappointed.”

And unlike many women in Hollywood who have a wealth of “casting couch” stories surrounding inappropriate agents/producers/directors attempting to have them do inappropriate things in the name of getting that “big break,” nobody put the hard word on Benz.

“I've never ever ever and I'm disappointed! I'm like, 'Why hasn't anyone ever asked me? What's wrong with me?!'" she laughed. “I was young when I started acting, and I've always had very good people representing me and taking care of me, so I've never had those run ins! Now I think I'm passed that age of having it happen. No one ever wanted sexual favors from me, makes me think there's something wrong with me.”

But judging by the 38-year-old’s sleek and chic appearance these days, somehow we think she need not be too concerned with male attention.

- Deidre Behar contributed to this report.