Judge Judy has set a four legged, fury friend loose in court to settle an emotional “custody battle.”

The case, which aired on her TV show, was about a man who filed suit against a woman claiming he was the rightful owner of her dog.

The scene begins with the woman explaining that she bought the dog from a woman on the street outside a shopping center but Judge Judy was quick to interrupt.

“I’m not saying there is anything wrong but the question is, is it his dog?”

Between tears and desperate pleas from both sides, the man produces photos and documents to counter the woman’s argument.

Within minutes Judge Judy decides the only way to reach a resolution is for the dog to be brought into the courtroom.

Turning to the woman she asks, “Do you want to go get the dog?”

Clearly more a statement than a question, the woman obediently leaves to go fetch the pooch.

As the reality of this scene unfolds you can literally feel the tension while everyone waits in anticipation for what is about to happen next.

After a few moments the woman returns with an adorable white ball of fluff and the audience melts into “oohs” and “awwhs.”

The man who has stood this entire time with a seriously grim look bursts into a huge smile, “Hey boy. Hey baby boy. Hey man,” he gushes.

As the dog wiggles enthusiastically in the woman’s arms it is clear that the animal is overwhelmingly excited to see his potentially rightful owner.

Observing the dog’s reaction Judge Judy being the diplomatic “I’m not buying it” icon she is, tells the woman, “Madam, listen to me carefully. Put the dog down.”

Reluctantly the woman crouches down to place the dog on the courtroom floor.

Not being able to get over to the man fast enough, the pup’s paws hit the floor running and the audience erupts into applause at the heartwarming reunion.

The gentleman scoops up his old friend and immediately falls to pieces; his eyes welling with tears.

That was enough for Judge Judy “That’s all,” she announces, “take the dog home.”

This article originally appeared in news.com.au.