Forget predictability, the milk man, the paper boy and evening TV -- what ever happened to Michelle Tanner?!

When the Tanner family reunites for Netflix's Fuller House, the youngest daughter -- played by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in the original "Full House" -- will be absent. In the first episode, we learn that Michelle is busy running a fashion empire in New York. You know, exactly like the real-life Olsens.

"It was my idea," John Stamos revealed of the joke.

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"We were playing around with jokes," the 52-year-old actor told reporters at Fox's All-Star Party on Friday. "It's not meant to be a diss. It's just kind of like, 'Oh!'"

Uncle Jesse himself broke the news that Mary-Kate and Ashley would not be returning for the series, previously saying, "I understand they're in a different place and I wish them the best." He later revealed that the "Fuller House" team asked Elizabeth Olsen to take over the role.

Even one Tanner down, Stamos told ET earlier this month that the series is still "so sweet." "We initially wanted to do something different with it, but we all said, 'No, let's just do what we do,'" he explained at the People's Choice Awards.