Joanna Gaines will have to sit for a deposition, but she won’t get a paycheck.

A judge ruled that the company producing furniture for Magnolia Home will not have to pay the “Fixer Upper” star her requested appearance fee of $150,000 per hour, according to U.S. District Court documents obtained by Page Six on Monday.

Her requests to quash her subpoena and obtain a protective order to keep the case confidential were also denied “as moot.”

Page Six previously reported that Gaines is not directly involved in the suit, as it involves Standard Furniture Manufacturing Company, Inc. and LF Products. Standard Furniture Manufacturing agreed to sell “high-end furniture” under the Magnolia House name (which Joanna, 39, owns with her husband Chip), and LF Products was set to make the products. But Joanna allegedly discovered that the manufacturing company was using a different type of raw material than they agreed on, and now the companies are battling in court over the upholstered chairs and couches.

She was asked to sit for a deposition twice, but she argued “that she has no relevant information because the suit turns on whether the shipped furniture conforms to the contract specifications” and “her deposition would be duplicative since she has no unique knowledge relevant to the case.”

But LF Products reminded the judge that Standard claimed in court that “[t]he Gaineses were to be and are heavily involved in the design and appearance of the furniture … and providing other specifications for the furniture” and alleged that “after Gaines received a shipment of the furniture, it ‘was immediately apparent to [her] that the product was substandard and unsaleable.'”

“The Court agrees with the defendants that Gaines has information relevant to this dispute that cannot be gotten elsewhere,” the judge ruled in the recent docs.

Joanna’s rep didn’t get back to us.

This article originally appeared in the New York Post.