Jo Frost spoke to ET on Friday after "Jo Frost: Nanny on Tour" cameras captured footage of what sounded to her like a child being spanked with a belt.

The footage aired Thursday night on the UPtv reality show. While the incident takes place behind closed doors, there is audio of what appears to be 9-year-old Marcus Spivey sobbing after walking into a bedroom with his father, Chris, who seemed to be holding a belt.

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"I was very concerned with the surveillance footage I had seen," Frost told ET over Skype.

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Frost alerted the Division of Family and Children Services in Georgia, but Chris maintains he never hit Marcus while they were in the bedroom. Chris claims that Marcus was only crying because he was scared.

"I personally don't believe that, but I'm not here to question that," Frost said.

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When ET reached out to D.F.C.S., they said state law prohibits them from either confirming or denying any investigation, but we do know that corporal punishment is legal in the state of Georgia as long as the child is not injured.

Still, Frost does not think that corporal punishment should be used in the home.

"It's not an effective way to discipline a child," she said.

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Frost has offered to assist the Spivey family should they request her help.