Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony Reunite in New Q'Viva Trailer

A trailer released for the up-and-coming Spanish-language talent show called "Q'Viva! The Chosen" has Jennifer Lopez and now ex-hubby Marc Anthony, the real stars of the show, jet-setting through 21 countries searching for talent wherever they can find it.

The newly released trailer (VIDEO BELOW) comes on the heels of rumors that the salsa icon no longer wants to continue filming scenes of  “Q’Viva The Chosen” with ex wife JLO because she’s always with her new boy, 24-year-old backup dancer Casper Smart. Smart has been traveling with JLO for the show. Most recently they were both seen on a Uruguayan beach.

Casper Smart Calls JLO “Sex Mad”

Star Magazine reports that things are quite awkward at the moment between Marc Anthony and Lopez.

The A-list celebrities, who have 3-year-old twins, told People Magazine in July that their seven-year marriage was over. It was Lopez’s third marriage, and Marc Anthony's second.

As far as the show itself - if you thought American Idol was the biggest thing to happen to JLO since Selena - think again.

"It's probably going to be the biggest thing I've been involved in yet," Lopez said, on-board a private jet with ex-hubby Marc Anthony.

"Why am I doing this show?" I'm wondering why I didn't do it sooner," Marc Anthony said.

On "Q'Viva! The Chosen," Lopez, Marc Anthony and producer Jamie King will travel through Latin America to find new singers, dancers, musicians and artists who later will be sent to Hollywood to be part of an "extraordinary" talent show. JLO was recently spotted in Peru filming for the show with her kids.

The excitement about the show has even given JLO "goose pimples."

"This is like being able to really, really go - I am Latina and this is who we are," JLO exclaimed. "Isn't it fabulous, isn't it amazing, doesn't it bring tears to your eyes and make you want to dance, smile, and stay up all night."

The show is looking for any kind of musical or dance talent, the trailer says, but the twist is there will be no formal auditions. Bars, clubs, barrios, you name it, that's where Marc Anthony and JLO intend to find the talent.

As for the kinds of performances they are looking for?

"As long as it transcends languages," Marc Anthony said.

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