Jennifer Lawrence's Plunging Tuxedo Jacket and Jessica Alba's Flawless Side-Braid

Here's the day's dirt:

Jennifer Lawrence wore a plunging blazer-dress/no-undershirt combo (below) to the premiere of her new film "Serena" at the BFI London Film Fest on Monday night. In case you're unaware, "Serena" is now the third film featuring both Lawrence and Bradley Cooper, effectively setting them up to be the Cheech and Chong of the modern era.

Looking for a new 'do, but not something as drastic as JLaw's wavy lob? How about the trendy side-braid Jessica Alba wore to Comic-Con earlier this year? Watch the video to see how Christine Healey of the Rita Hazan Salon recreates this easy, effortless look.

Now back to Jennifer Lawrence news: After Jen told Vanity Fair she had a crush on Larry David, the "Curb Your Enthusiasm" star told the New Yorker that he was very flattered, but also about 40 years too old. So listen up, potential suitors: If you want a shot with Jennifer Lawrence, start getting picky about your raisin-cashew blends.

Cameron Diaz was spotted in Hollywood last week with a mysterious ring on her left ring finger, leading some to speculate that she's engaged to boyfriend Benji Madden. Or perhaps she's simply become Earth's newest Green Lantern, sworn to protect our planet from evils large and small.

Marie Claire magazine Instagrammed a photo of Gisele Bundchen's butt (below) to promote a new Chanel No. 5 ad campaign featuring the Brazilian supermodel. Because when all else fails, people want to see supermodels' butts. Trust us,

The November issue of Martha Stewart Living features a dessert article called "Conscious Coupling," which is thought to be a dig at Gwyneth Paltrow. The fact that most recipes contain sugar and gluten — and were crafted by chefs who frequently drink tap water instead of bottled glacial runoff — is thought to be a further slight toward Gwyn.

On Monday night, Jessica Simpson shared a preview from her upcoming photoshoot with Elle (below). In it, she's seated at June Carter Cash's piano, sporting a June Carter Cash hairdo, and showcasing about seven June-Carter-Cash's-worth of leg.

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are teaming up to develop a new series for the SyFy Channel, which will reportedly center an all-powerful futuristic corporation, and not, sadly, some hybrid of a shark and a natural disaster like we were all hoping.

On Monday's edition of the Australian morning show "Sunrise," Miley Cyrus performed a cover of an Etta James song in front of the Sydney Opera House (below), allowing her to simultaneously defile two beloved monuments of human creativity.

We guess we were never really aware that Richard Gere and "Top Chef" host Padma Lakshmi were dating, but apparently they were, and now, they are not. Act appropriately devastated/incredulous.

Time magazine has released their list of the 25 most influential teens of the year, and it includes names like Jayden Smith and Kendall Jenner among youth leaders like Malala Yousefzai and Joshua Wong. Therefore, our kids have about a fifty-fifty chance at not being incredibly shallow. For us, however, it's far too late.

According to Variety, Robert Downey Jr. will reprise his Iron Man role in the next installment of the "Captain America" film franchise, which will reportedly pit the two superheroes against each other. Probably because Marvel can't keep making these movies forever, and they need to start killing these dudes off.

Taylor Swift debuted the second single from her upcoming album "1989" early on Tuesday morning (listen below), which explains those loud, simultaneous squeals you heard coming from your tweenage neighbors' bedrooms just after midnight.

In honor of breast cancer awareness month, Shia LaBeouf wore a pair of hot pink leggings around Los Angeles on Monday afternoon. It's unsettling, sure, but remember: The sight of Shia LaBeouf's shapely man-thighs is helping in the fight against a horrible disease, so … thank you? Shia LaBeouf?

Mariah Carey accidentally flashed her underwear during a Sunday night concert in China, but she probably should have seen this coming after squeezing herself into such a tiny skirt. So this isn't so much a "wardrobe malfunction" as it is a case of "gross wardrobe negligence."

And finally, Brides magazine has named Grace Kelly — aka Princess Grace of Monaco — as the most stylish bride of all time. You can keep telling your daughters-in-law otherwise, though. They certainly looked gorgeous in their dresses, too.