Jennifer Aniston shocked "The One Show" viewers as she mentioned “sex toys” live on air – moments before meeting a group of disabled children.

The actress, 47, was on the show to discuss her new movie "Office Christmas Party," and had the chance to share the sofa with the inspirational Rickshaw team.

However, it all got very awkward very quickly, as the film’s director Josh Gordon compared her new character to her "Horrible Bosses" and "Friends" roles, shortly after the kids left the room.

While he admitted she was “a little bit of both”, Jennifer agreed it was a similar role, only “just without the sex toys”.

Luckily, host Alex Jones laughed the remark off, while Matt quickly said: “There we are, is that a fair assessment?”

Fans quickly shared their reaction online, as one wrote: “Jennifer Aniston just mentioned sex toys infront of disabled children on the #bbc #oneshow ‘ChildrenInNeed heavy awkward!”

While another added: “JenA kicking it out with ‘sex toys’ comment #oneshow cue: producer sending electrical shock to presenters earpiece.”

And one wrote: “Jennifer Aniston just said ‘sex toys’ on the One Show. My day is made.”

Elsewhere, the star was praised by fans as she appeared on the show today – filming in the same city as her ex Brad Pitt.

The actress showed off her flawless complexion as she appeared on the sofa to discuss everything from "Friends" to her new directing ventures.

And dropping a bombshell most fans will be shocked by, the star even admitted the whole cast never liked the "Friends" theme tune.

“No-one was really a fan of that theme song,” she told the hosts. “We felt it was a little odd, dancing on a fountain, but we did it.”

Asked if she likes to watch old episodes back when they’re on TV, Jen admitted: “I can’t help it.

“First I try and remember which episode it is, I even say ‘I don’t remember that’ at first, and you just get sucked into the nostalgia of it.”

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