Jenna Dewan-Tatum and husband Channing Tatum recently announced they are expecting their first child. Which means the lingerie shoot and interview that just went up on Esquire.com must have been done at least a few months ago.

"Yes, please buy me a drink. Please buy me a few drinks. Buy me, um, lots of drinks," Dewan-Tatum says in answer to the question of how she might be approached in a bar.

(Hopefully this is now not the case.)

The obviously not expecting Dewan-Tatum, 32, sitting on a bed in her underwear, tells a couple of off-color jokes -- one involving two nuns, the other two ducks -- before expounding further upon what its like being hit on in Hollywood.

"Yesterday," was the last time she was hit on, she said. "If you count being hit on being honked at while you're walking down the street. What is that gonna do? Do you think I'm gonna stop and be like, 'Hey yeah! Let's go get a drink! Thanks for honking at me!'"

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Dewan-Tatum added another interesting account as well.

"A week ago, I was shopping, and this is pretty funny because he thought I was Mila Kunis," she said. "And I was like 'Nope, not me! But I do know Mila and I can ask her if she would let you take her out.'"

And as to how many dates she goes on before a trip to the bedroom comes in to play, Dewan-Tatum replied: "I don't have sex."

Which makes that bun in the oven a little harder to explain.