Jared Leto and Drake got pretty candid about their private lives in a revealing game of "Never Have I Ever" on Wednesday’s episode of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."

Starting off strong, DeGeneres asked if they had ever "hooked up with a fan while on tour." The talk show host unapologetically fessed up, admitting she had, but it took a little more persuading to get Drake and Leto to come clean.

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After trying to play off the question by asking what Ellen meant by "a fan," Drake eventually gave in and held up his "I HAVE" sign. Leto played coy at first, but eventually admitted to sleeping with an fan as well.

While none of the three have ever sent naked selfies to anyone, Leto later confessed that he had in fact sent a "dirty text" to the wrong person.

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Drake and Leto also both admitted to having made out with women at least twice their own age. At which point the 29-year-old "Hotline Bling" rapper began flirting with DeGeneres.

Reaching out to put his hand on her knee, Drake smiled and told the host he was definitely giving her "those kind of vibes. That's what I'm throwing."

"You want me to give you guys a minute?" Leto interjected, breaking the sexual tension.

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Finally, the 44-year-old Suicide Squad star was the only one of the three to admit to having "something on their body waxed."

"For Joker and Rayon in Dallas Buyers Club, I had to wax my entire body," Leto revealed. "What are the odds? And one of them was full Brazilian, but I'm not going to say which."

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