Irina Shayk's Teeny Bikini Selfie, Beyonce's New Super Bowl Gig, and Much, Much More

Here's what's happening out there:

• The other day on Instagram, Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Irina Shayk shared a skimpy bikini selfie with a short caption reading "2016 let's go" (above). Unfortunately, she didn't elaborate on where exactly she's hoping to "go" in the New Year, but we're betting it won't be any conservative clothing stores or overcoat outlets.

• It's hard to imagine a Sports Illustrated swimsuit siren wearing less than Irina Shayk up there, but trust us, it's possible. Models including and have posed in nothing but bodypaint — and Agdal even visited our studios to tell us about it. Watch the video below for more (or less, depending on how you look at it):

• According to The Hollywood Reporter, Oscar-nominated actress Emma Stone is in talks to play Cruella de Vil in a live-action origin story of the iconic "101 Dalmatians" villain. So either Stone was inspired by Angelina Jolie's similar role in "Maleficent," or she's just hoping she can somehow snag a puppy-skin coat as part of her contract.

• Beyonce made a surprise appearance on Thursday's episode of "Lip Sync Battle" to join Channing Tatum for his performance of her 2011 hit "Run the World (Girls)." But despite Bey's contributions, Tatum only managed to tie his competitor and wife, Jenna Dewan-Tatum (below). So now that we're positive "Lip Sync Battle" is fixed, we're calling our bookies and demanding our money back.

• In other Beyonce news, Entertainment Tonight reports that Coldplay has recruited Beyonce to join them during their headlining gig at this year's Super Bowl half-time show. We imagine Coldplay might be regretting that decision right about now, seeing as Beyonce couldn't even pull off a win against Jenna Dewan-Tatum. (Sorry, Jenna. We're just a little sore about losing our "Lip Sync Battle" bets.)

• Pat Harrington Jr., probably best known for his role as building superintendent Dwayne Schneider on the sitcom "One Day at a Time," has passed away at the age of 86. He'll be remembered fondly for his Emmy-winning work, as well as his work toward pioneering the avant-garde denim-vest-and-toolbelt ensemble that's still popular with superintendents today.

• In a new video feature for, "Joy" actress Jennifer Lawrence reveals her favorite food, curse word and female attribute (below). Then again, she starts the whole thing off by basically admitting she's drunk on red wine all the time, so who knows if we can believe any of her alcohol-scented remarks. For all we know, she's never even tasted the "chili pizza sandwiches" she claims to love so dearly:

• And finally, TNT has announced plans to resurrect HBO's early-'90s horror series "Tales From the Crypt" for an all new audience. Furthermore, they've recruited M. Night Shyamalan to serve as the show's "curator," which means we should probably expect none of the violence, sex or profanity that made the original so great, but instead a collection of fairy disappointing twist endings.