Irina Shayk's Inappropriate Cookwear, Danny Neff's 'Slow Down Hero' Cocktail, and Much, Much More

Here's what everybody's gabbing about:

This past Tuesday on Instagram, Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Irina Shayk shared a photograph in nothing but heels and an apron. You can take a look below, but let us be the first to say what we're all thinking: That apron is definitely not going to protect her protruding butt from unwanted grease spatter.

Since it's technically still winter for another several hours, there's still time to enjoy a hot, steamy cocktail as an after-dinner treat (or tomorrow's breakfast). Watch the video above to see how Danny Neff of NYC's Bar Room makes a Slow Down Hero, one of their signature hot drinks. (Or read the full recipe )

During a panel at Austin's annual South By Southwest festival, late-night host Jimmy Kimmel mentioned that he'd had two penis surgeries to re-open his urethra after it "closed up on its own." Reports fail to mention if all the SXSW attendees immediately rushed to the bathroom in appreciation of their unobstructed urethras, but we imagine that's exactly what followed.

On Wednesday, supermodel Gisele Bundchen shared a photo of herself in a string bikini on Instagram, and to absolutely nobody's surprise, she still looks insanely good (below). Even her dogs don't seem excited anymore:

According to sources for Page Six, actor David Arquette was physically thrown out of Justin Bieber's Las Vegas birthday party — by Justin Bieber himself — after he was overheard talking trash about the singer. That'll teach him to talk behind someone's back, especially when said back is dripping with sinewy, tattooed muscles.

According to her spokesperson, Liza Minnelli has checked into a Malibu rehab facility to treat a substance abuse problem, and is "currently making excellent progress." So here's hoping for a speedy recovery from whatever troubles her, as well as her extreme crippling vertigo:

"Two and a Half Men" actor Jon Cryer is releasing his memoir in April which reportedly details the time he was asked by Charlie Sheen to hide a large bag of pornography, and the time he utilized Sheen's preferred escort services. So it turns out "Two and a Half Men" wasn't so much a sit-com, but an extremely faithful documentary.

Will Ferrell appeared on Wednesday night's episode of "The Tonight Show" claiming to be the new spokesperson for Little Debbie snack cakes, complete with an adorable Little Debbie outfit (below). It's hilarious and worth a watch, but it's sure to remind Ferrell fans of the last time he tried to shovel crap down our throats with the release of 2009's "Land of the Lost."

The Syfy channel has announced the title of their third "Sharknado" film, which will be called "Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!" It's appropriate in that it immediately tells viewers that they're in for a funny, self-aware film, but it's also a bit disappointing, as it seems to hint we won't be seeing a "sharkicane" or a "sharkquake" until at least the fourth installment.

Actress, singer, and object of Aaron Carter's unwanted affections Hilary Duff debuted a head full of bluish-greenish hair on Wednesday (below), remarking on Instagram that her fetching new 'do reminds her of a mermaid's. So now, in true mermaid fashion, she needs to come ashore to find her true love. (But it's not you, Aaron Carter. She's already made that clear.)

And finally, comedian Kevin James of the "Paul Blart: Mall Cop" franchise has recently welcomed a daughter with wife Steffiana de la Cruz. This is his fourth child overall, and probably his last, because how many mouths can he expect to feed on but a meager mall cop's salary?