Ireland Baldwin's Tattoo-Baring Half-Shirt and East 12th Osteria's Pumpkin Gnocchi

Here's the deal, everybody:

Earlier this week, Ireland Baldwin posed in a half-shirt on Instagram for seemingly no reason (below). But to us, this looks a whole lot like an attempt to show off her tattoos without outright telling us she's trying to show off her tattoos. Just like that guy Fred in our accounting department, who's always complaining of a sunburn on his biceps.

Can you feel it? Fall is in the air, and with it, an abundance of pumpkin-flavored garbage at your local supermarket. But instead of all that junk, why not try a real pumpkin recipe, like the pumpkin gnocchi with bacon Gorgonzola sauce from East 12th Osteria in NYC? () Watch the video above to see how it's made.

Taylor Swift once again took her cat Olivia Benson for a walk — sans carrier or leash — on Tuesday in New York City. And despite this fact, Olivia Benson wasn't even the most hipstery accessory Swift was wearing. That honor belonged to her purple porkpie hat.

Rumer Willis wore a variety of revealing cut-out outfits for fashion designer Franziska Fox's new lookbook, the least revealing of which is pictured below. And not because we're prudes; we just couldn't get our hands on the naked-er ones.

Meanwhile, her 20-year-old sister Tallulah posted a topless selfie on Instagram, which we did get our hands on, and will shamelessly share with you now:

After Colin Farrell confirmed his participation earlier this week, HBO has announced Vince Vaughn as the other half of next season's "True Detective" duo. Presumably, Vaughn's character will be the half that can detect any nearby doughnut shops or Sprinkles locations.

Last Friday, Kanye West gave a surprise lecture at the Los Angeles Trade Technical College about his "personal struggles in the music, fashion and graphic arts industry." One wonders if he also spoke on his struggles with that new, ridiculous haircut of his.

On Tuesday, Cara Delevingne shared a nude snapshot from her latest photoshoot with Allure magazine (below), in which she appears to be holding the padlock and chain that once contained her modesty.

Leonardo DiCaprio finally joined Instagram, posting a photo of himself and U.N. Secretary-General Banh Ki-moon from the United Nations Climate Summit on Tuesday morning. But hopefully, he won't always keep his account so professional, because we want more snapshots from his next Super Soaker fight.

Blake Lively claimed in a recent PEOPLE interview that she avoids all '60s-inspired clothing because it doesn't generally cinch at the waist, and makes her "start to look like the cargo part of an airplane." But we've seen you  and you, madam, do not look like the cargo hold of an airplane. (To learn more about not looking like the cargo part of a plane in retro clothes, check out our video below.)

<p></p><p>Justin Bieber was spotted on the set of the upcoming movie <a href="" target="_blank">&quot;Killing Hasselhoff&quot;</a> alongside — you guessed it — David Hasselhoff. We can't imagine you're excited for this, but if so, you can probably watch it sometime next year when it comes to the discount rack at a gas station near you.</p><p>The spacesuit that Robin Williams wore during his &quot;Mork &amp; Mindy&quot; days is <a href="" target="_blank">going up for auction</a> in October. And because Mork had a penchant for sitting on his head, potential bidders shouldn't be worried about any noticeable wear on the buttocks.</p><p>And speaking of buttocks, Khloe Kardashian Instagrammed a photo of herself performing squats (below), along with a caption reading <a href="" target="_blank">&quot;no one ever wrote a song about a small a**.&quot;</a> But we beg to differ, because ZZ Top's &quot;Tush&quot; didn't specify one way or the other.</p><p><iframe allowtransparency="true" frameborder="0" height="710" scrolling="no" src="" width="612">

The U.K. website Voucher Codes has named Cheryl Cole the most fashionable woman in the United Kingdom. So listen up, all you British fellas: If you want a shot with Cheryl Cole, make sure to wear your nicest ascot.

And finally, the new iPhone 6 is apparently prone to bending, according to several upset iPhone users and people who intentionally bend their phones: