In the FOXlight: 'Trip of Love' Takes Audiences on a Musical Journey Back to the '60s

Ever hear an old song on the radio that takes you back to the time and place where you first heard it? New York's new off-Broadway musical "Trip of Love" is a lot like that — only a lot more so.

On this edition of "In the FOXlight," FNC correspondent Michael Tammero goes behind the scenes to find out why New York audiences are lining up to take a "Trip of Love" straight back to the '60s.

"'Trip of Love' is unlike any other show I've ever been a part of, or seen," explains cast-member Kelly Felthous. "It's an experience: a choose-your-own-adventure of song and dance and '60s billboard hits that everyone knows."

"The music from the '60s was the backdrop to so many political movements," adds actress Dionne Figgins. "And those are stories that we're also telling in 'Trip of Love.'"

What's more, "Trip of Love" goes way beyond music — it's also filled with costumes, props, and larger-than-life setpieces that should serve as a real blast from the past.

"No detail was left out," says Felthouse, who reveals that the production includes around 500 "meticulously designed" costumes, as well as dance numbers that utilize surfboards, Vespas and even a hot air balloon.

Watch the clip above for more about "Trip of Love," then visit the show's official website to snag a few tickets for yourself.