In the FOXlight: 'Hollywood Medium' Tyler Henry Gets Put to the Test

Tyler Henry has an extremely unique career: He interacts with the dead. But not in a physical way, like a mortician or an undertaker; Tyler Henry is a psychic medium.

On his hit series "Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry," the 20-year-old is helping to bring comfort and closure to Hollywood's hottest celebs — all through his spiritual interactions with their deceased friends and relatives.

"You get to see a really unique side of their personal life as I bring through their loved ones," Henry tells FNC correspondent Michael Tammero, who he later treats to an emotional reading (above).

And while Henry is treating his clients to their once-in-a-lifetime experiences, he also feels he's getting something special in return.

"Inherently, this ability is unique, and that can be overwhelming for me," says Henry. "But the gratification I get — from just getting to see the faces of the people who I read, and the closure, knowing that their loved ones are at peace — make it all worth it."

Check out the rest of the FOXlight segment above to watch Henry give Tammero a personal reading, and be sure to tune in for the season finale of "Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry," airing this Sunday night at 10/9c on E!