In the FOXlight: 'Hoff the Record' Star David Hasselhoff Reveals Personal Secret to Happiness

David Hasselhoff doesn't take himself too seriously on his latest series "Hoff the Record," but that's exactly how he prefers to live his off-camera life, too.

In an interview with FNC correspondent Michael Tammero, Hasselhoff opens up about his hilarious new show, and in doing so, he pretty much reveals his personal philosophy on happiness.

"It's a mockumentary, basically," explains Hasselhoff of his latest TV project. "The show is not a reality show — it's fun, it's funny! It's really, like, dark humor. And at times, very heartwarming."

However, a lot of that dark and heartwarming humor — like the episode where Hasselhoff learns fathered a son over 25 years ago — relies on the Hoff's ability to laugh at himself. But luckily, he's pretty good about that.

"If you take life seriously, [or] when you mess up and you really get down on yourself … Good god, man!" says Hasselhoff. "You're like, filling up this bucket. And if you don't empty the bucket with a little bit of laughter, it's going to be terrible for you!"

Watch the rest of Hasselhoff's interview for more about "Hoff the Record," and stay tuned to hear Hoff's feelings about going shirtless in the upcoming "Baywatch" reboot: