"Hunting Terrorists" by Joe Navarro

FROM THE PUBLISHER: Although terrorism is as old as conflict, it remains a misunderstood novelty to many law enforcement officers in the United States. The author is one of the few American investigators equipped to provide an in-depth analysis of the topic. He spent twenty-five years working and later instructing in the area of counterintelligence and counterterrorism, and he translates this experience into an important guide. Readers of this book are taken on a journey through the investigative process, and they will come away with both a better understanding of terrorism and material to enhance their investigative skills. His intention is to help the reader clearly understand what is at the core of every terrorist, here or abroad, having had the opportunity to personally analyze, investigate, interview, and arrest terrorists. He also shares with the reader the most effective ways to interview the terrorist once captured. The material in this book is presented exactly as it has been taught to FBI Special Agents at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia as well as members of the Intelligence Community to help with the investigations, identification, and interrogation of terrorists. In this second edition, there is a new section on “Interviewing Terrorists.” In this section the author discusses how to do a proper interview based on the key differences between a terrorist or enemy combatant and a mere criminal. This is the first time these key techniques have been revealed. In the author’s words: “To successfully stop terrorism we must know how to spot the terrorist and get information out of them.” This book instructs the reader how to do this in the most effective manner. It will also be of interest to students, law enforcement professionals and those charged with homeland security and counterterrorism.