How Pippa Middleton Could Stand to Make Millions

Although Catherine Middleton was the one to add the coveted “Duchess” title to her name just a few weeks ago when she married Prince William, it seems the world has become more fascinated with her younger sister, Pippa.

The 27-year-old isn’t technically royalty herself but has quickly found herself the next big ‘it’ girl, whose fortune could grow substantially in the coming years.

“Pippa can make tens of millions of dollars,” Gene Grabowski, Senior Vice President of Levick Communications told FOX411’s Pop Tarts. “But only if she has talent. Without it, she can capitalize on her beauty and charm, but only for a while and only for limited amounts of money."

But since stepping out in that form-fitting gown at Westminster Abbey on April 29, how can Middleton, who has been aptly nicknamed “Her Royal Hotness” on the world wide web, craft her popularity to make a good living without looking like she’s leeching off her older sister’s notoriety?

“She must take on projects that are dignifying for a sister of a royal. And like it or not, she is a reflection on the family now,” Glen Selig said, founder of The Publicity Agency warned. “It’s difficult to say how much money she could earn, but suffice to say enough to make the royal family a bit envious.”

“If she likes to write that could open some opportunities, or she could license her image to a line of girl’s dolls. That would probably sell well,” Grabowski added.

But according to Louise Pennell, business expert and co- founder of media training agency Clark Pennell, the real question we should be asking of the Edinburgh graduate, who has been working for her parents online party supply business “Party Pieces,” is what happens when she opens her mouth.

“Is she really the bubbly, smart woman she portrays? At the moment Pippa’s attraction is physical, but her currency and longevity with the media will really come if she can rise above the peeping toms and position herself as an expert in the multi-million dollar world of party planning and catering,” Pennell said. “There’s no doubt she could lend her name to perfume, clothing or makeup, but commercializing her connection to the British monarchy would not be a good idea if she wants to be invited back to the palace for dinner.”

But given her sudden public profile, Middleton has also had to deal with the downside of life in the limelight in recent weeks, as a string of topless and body-baring snaps recently surfaced in a slew of publications, prompting the family to file a complaint with the Press Complaints Commission in the UK for invasion of privacy.

And now, experts say Middleton must take pains to be extra cautious with every move she makes.

“First, she needs to resist the cheap offers to pose in men’s magazines and make quick money for celebrity appearances. Her air of mystery must be maintained for at least a while longer to build maximum potential,” Grabowski advised. “She cannot wait too long, however, because her value will likely diminish after four months or so.”

And the second step Middleton should take, should she wish to pursue the worldwide interest in her, would be to hire a professional.

“Pippa needs to find a capable and trustworthy agent who is experienced and mature to guide her through this process. The agent should be seeking the right kinds of opportunities that suit Pippa’s interests and talents and that don’t overexpose her,” he continued.

But whatever business ventures Middleton dabbles in, she should avoid a reality show at all costs, Pennell said.

“A reality show would be the kiss of death, her brand has to be a certain quality,” Pennell explained. “Her leverage will rest in her ability to combine her celebrity with her current job and then produce a product – a network contract, a book, or a line of fine china.”

And take note Hollywood, the younger Middleton sister is living proof that you don’t need to be an overexposed 'starlet' to win the public's fascination.

“It’s Pippa’s easy elegance that has made the world fall for her, its validation that playing a supporting role perfectly can make you a star. She did not try to steal the show, but did everything she was supposed to do, and some more – that made her shine,” Selig said.

“Pippa appeared very happy playing that supporting role, and whether she was happy or not is beside the point – perception of course, is reality.”