House's Lisa Edelstein: The Exploration of House and Cuddy Isn't Over

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It always hurts when someone you love moves on, and especially painful when that person moves on to someone else. It's even worse when you still have to see the object of your desire every day. And what's worst of all is when you're the star of a medical drama, and for the season finale, you and the woman you love have to spend hours together, treating a victim trapped in the rubble of a crane collapsed. A crane collapsed like your hopes and dreams.

That's the situation in which Dr. House (Hugh Laurie) finds himself Monday as House wraps its sixth season. talked to Lisa Edelstein, who plays just-trying-to-move-on love interest Cuddy, about why she thinks her character has given up on the cranky diagnostician and whether she truly loves her new beau, Lucas. She also tells us whether Cuddy's rejection could drive House back to a relapse. Will watching the finale be like watching a crane wreck?

Watch free full episodes of House Last week, Dr. Nolan and House came to the realization that Cuddy's relationship with Lucas has deeply affected House. How will that carry over into the finale?
Edelstein: It comes to a head for sure. Cuddy is making some moves in her life that are really painful for House, even though he's trying to be the bigger man. I think House is taking all the decisions in her own life personally. When really, the things Cuddy is doing, she's doing for herself. She's trying to make better decisions that might lead to a happier, easier future. They're not necessarily the decisions that stick. They're just the ones you try to do. And in the meantime, they are caught up in an awful disaster where they team up to help this woman. In the process it really forces them to face each other and see each other for who they are. There's obviously something there, so why do you think she's giving up on him?
Edelstein: Because of her daughter. The fact that she's a mother and needs something stable in her life. She's got so much responsibility that to have an intimate relationship with House would mean she'd have another huge task at hand. And I think she's doing everything she can to stop herself from going in that direction. Well, do you think she really loves Lucas?
Edelstein: I think it's more about having a stable family. I don't think it's great passion. It's one of those times in a person's life where you try to choose against your instinct because what you need is stability. I think what really turns her on is, well, not stability. She's got huge responsibilities now. In [the recent Cuddy-centric episode], you see Lucas knows how to show up and helps her in practical matters — even though he's a disappointment in that particular episode [Laughs]. Her relationship with House goes much deeper. He's the one that helps her in a way that's more meaningful. She's able to come to new understandings with him. A lot of fans truly hate the "Luddy" relationship. What's your take on that?
Edelstein: I love it. I think it's fantastic that people are so passionate about it. It's very hard to watch two people that you think should just get together not get together. It's very painful because you get attached to an idea. But I don't think the exploration of House and Cuddy is over by any stretch of the imagination. I just think she could not go further with him until she tried something else. There's no way. She has to try to live the life that she thinks is the more correct way of doing this. This is the woman who is very responsible. Until she's done going in that direction, which I don't know when that will be, she's got to do what she's got to do. Would you like to see House and Cuddy get together before end of the series, or do you think that would ruin things?
Edelstein: I do think they need to do something about it. And I would trust David Shore to never make it actually work. [Laughs] It has to be tortured and painful. I mean, these are not happy people. If they suddenly became happy, the dynamics of the show would change. Would I like to see something go on? Yeah. But how will it happen, I have no idea.

VIDEO: Get a first Look at the House finale Recent episodes have dropped hints that House is headed for a relapse. What can you tell us about that?
Edelstein: House came out of the hospital with the intention of getting Cuddy. So that's an arc of this season for sure. Wilson's been there to take care of him, but Cuddy's been the thing on his mind. He's tried many times this season to convince her to be with him, so I do think that's a major sense of failure. So. Tell us how it all ends?
Edelstein: No. [Laughs] A lot of people on the show haven't even seen the finale scene. So is it really good?
Edelstein: Yes!

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