Hollywood actors reveal which character they would trade lives with for a day

Hollywood actors make their livings getting to appear in costume and assume various on-screen personas. But once the director yells “wrap” they have to return their period piece garb or futuristic spacesuits and go back to real life.

But if they could go back and live a day in the life of one of these famous characters they’ve created, who would they want to be?

“I would be the simple fisherman in Perseus’ village," "Wrath of the Titans" star Sam Worthington said.  "He lives a quiet life, brings in crab pots and is extremely happy.”

Star of big and small screen Jon Hamm would also take it easy, although he’d like to do it in Springfield, “I would be my animated Simpsons character because he had a normal job.”

Meanwhile his “Friends with Kids” co-star Megan Fox wouldn’t mind showing off her wild side again, she picked Jennifer from “Jennifer’s Body.”  Charlize Theron would also go the bad girl route, telling us “I secretly have to say I kind of really love being Mavis from 'Young Adult' … she was like a freebie on bad behavior.”

Nicolas Cage, who recently brought back the fiery personality of “Ghost Rider” with a “Spirit of Vengeance,” has played his share of outrageous characters.  So he joked that he would choose a calmer alter-ego, “I think that the Family Man would probably be a happier character than some of the other characters that I’ve played.  I enjoy playing darker, edgier, philosophical characters but in my own life I don’t know that I want to live that.”

Who would you pick?  Tell us and click to see who else the stars picked to “Switch Roles” with here on Fox411.com.