'Hogan's Heroes' murder mystery reexamined in new TV special

A decades-old murder mystery could be solved on live TV.

Phoenix’s Fox 10 reporter John Hook has been investigating the murder of “Hogan’s Heroes” star Bob Crane, which has remained unsolved since Crane’s shocking death in 1978.

Crane was found dead in his Scottsdale apartment and his friend John Carpenter was suspected in his death. Carpenter was tried for Crane’s murder in 1994, but he was found not guilty.

Carpenter died in the late 1998s.

“Blood was found in Carpenter’s rental car a day after the murder matching Crane’s rare type-B blood,” the station explained to FOX411 in a statement. “When Carpenter finally went on trial in 1994, DNA was in it’s infancy. Testing at the time was inconclusive on whether the blood came from Bob Crane.”

Now, Hook has retested blood evidence found in Carpenter’s rental car.

He plans to reveal the results of his research on Monday at 9 p.m. on Fox 10. The results will be revealed in front of a live panel that will include Crane's son, the prosecutor, the jury foreman and Carpenter’s defense attorney.