They’re baaaaack…

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, arguably the most vilified couple in the history of reality television, are returning to the small screen on June 24 with their stint on ABC’s hit, “Celebrity Wife Swap.”

“I’m a huge fan of the show,” Heidi told FOX411. “So, when we had the opportunity to do it, I just jumped right on it!”

Heidi was most excited about being able to be her "authentic" self for the first time on television. She took a jab at reports of her first reality gig on "The Hills" being scripted.

"My mom saw the preview and she told me, ‘I can tell this is the first opportunity that you’ve ever had to be you.’ It’s just great to have that moment. It was really fun to just be more authentic and be in a situation and see what happens."

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Heidi swapped her laid-back, Southern California beach lifestyle with four-time Olympian Amanda Beardwho lives in a rural area of Washington state.

And Heidi is looking forward to live tweeting her appearance Tuesday night on “Celebrity Wife Swap.”

“I’ve had the most positive response from this out of anything I’ve ever done–on Twitter and Instagram–everything,” Heidi said. “People are really excited about this, which I’m really glad about because it’s my favorite thing that we’ve ever done within our careers. My mom saw the preview and she told me, ‘I can tell this is the first opportunity that you’ve ever had to be you.’ It’s just great to have that moment. It was really fun to just be more authentic and be in a situation and see what happens. I’m shocked at how amazing it was. I’m really thrilled with everything, from beginning to end.”

“I mean, I had no idea where I was going,” explained Heidi of her initial reaction driving through the rugged woods southwest of Seattle. “I thought that it was that guy who lived in a tree and builds the tree houses! The last person I ever thought I was ever going to swap with was Amanda Beard, that’s for sure.”

Heidi immediately fell in love with the Beards’ two young children, Blaise Ray, 4 1/2, and Doone Isla, 9 months.

“I think when Doone fell asleep on me the first night, I mean, it just really solidified my longing for motherhood–it was everything I thought it would be. It was really fun to be able to have the kids there and have that experience of having little ones. It’s something that I very much look forward to in my future.”

Heidi wants to have “two or three” children, but Spencer is not exactly on the same page as Heidi when it comes to having kids.

“This is probably the most divided in our opinions we’ve ever been,” Heidi explains. “I feel like it’s time. I’m ready and it’s exciting, but for (Spencer), I think it’s kind of scary and unknown.”

During the swap, Amanda actually teaches Spencer a little bit about the rigors of parenthood–only confirming that he wants to wait at least “10 years” before adding children to his family. But Heidi may not be willing to wait that long.

“No, absolutely not,” she laughed. “I definitely don’t want to wait 10 years. I’m negotiating, like, one year. I hope within the next two to three years, 100 percent. So I’m working on the sooner, the better, for me but for Spencer, the later the better, so, um… I usually win, so we’ll see what happens.”

One challenge Heidi has faced with Spencer is getting their lavish spending under control. The couple has reportedly blown through $10 million since their days on MTV’s “The Hills.”

“I regret spending a lot of money, for sure,” admitted Heidi. “I wish that I had been more responsible. So now, no matter what success comes in the future, I’m very on top of it. I look at our bank accounts every day. Like, I just had to tell Spencer to stop buying TV shows on iTunes! I was like, ‘OK, maybe it looks like $2 here and $2 there, but that adds up to $10! And then that ads up $100!’ You may think it’s a little money here and there, but everything adds up and I’ve really learned that.”

Heidi’s even laid down the law when it comes to Spencer infamous crystal collection–on which he has reportedly spent at least $500,000.

“I think it was at a time when we were just buying a lot of everything and kind of being irresponsible with our finances,” Heidi explains. “We were buying a lot of clothes, a lot of crystals, a lot of food–we were just spending a lot of money in general and so we were decorating the house with them. Thankfully, I have put a kibosh on him buying any more crystals–ever–so that he can enjoy the ones that he has, but they’re definitely maxed out.”

But Heidi is hoping that Spencer might take Amanda’s advice, and get rid of the crystals in favor of children’s toys.

“I think that would be awesome,” said Heidi. “In Amanda’s house with the kids, she can’t even have crystals around because they’re so fragile and they get knocked over. I was thinking, ’Oh my gosh, when we have kids, we’ll have to make sure that they’re not everywhere!’ But Spencer can definitely enjoy them around the house for now.”

With babies on the brain, Heidi has repaired the relationship with her own mother, which became strained after the revelation of Heidi’s multiple plastic surgeries back in 2010.

“My relationship with my mom is the best it’s ever been, so time certainly heals all,” she said. “Spencer has a great relationship with my family, and we just had our first Christmas ever with them, so that was really great. So we’re on a really good path, overall, in life. We’re just the happiest with every area of our lives and definitely–no more surgery for me!"