Ellen Pompeo opened up to USA Today about the time she says disgraced director James Toback made an inappropriate comment to her.

“I actually did have a situation with James Toback where I kind of told him to go f–k himself,” the “Grey’s Anatomy” star shared. “It was held in a public place and I brought a man — my friend Tony, and he didn’t like that at all. And I could tell that.”

Pompeo, 47, immediately felt bad vibes from Toback and said she knew he was “no good.”

“The minute my friend left, he asked me if I would get naked in a movie,” Pompeo recalled. “And I was like, ‘Really, dude? My friend has been missing all of 30 seconds and now you say that?’ I kind of laughed in his face.”

The actress also said she once had a meeting with Harvey Weinstein, but her experience was very different from the dozens of women who have come forward with allegations of sexual assault or harassment.

“I met with Harvey at the Peninsula and he didn’t try anything on me,” she said. “I was very lucky. I escaped those clutches.”

USA Today says it requested comment from Toback’s last known representatives, who said they don’t work with him, and no other rep, agent or attorney could be identified.

This article originally appeared in Page Six.